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Quartz: clear or white

Fun fact: Quartz is the second most common mineral in Earth's continental crust!


Quartz geodes begin as bubbles in sedimentary rocks. Over millions of years, they harden and form Crystals inside.
Fun fact: Every geode is different. When you crack open a geode, you are the first person to see what is inside!

Amethyst: purple quartz
Fun fact: Amethyst is the birth stone of February. Egyptian soldiers would wear amethyst in battle believing that it gave them courage.

Rose quartz: pink quartz
Fun fact: Rose quartz is called the "stone of love."

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Sodalite: blue and white
Fun fact: In the early 1900s, Princess Mary used 130 tons of sodalite to decorate the Marlborough house in London.

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Jasper: red, yellow, brown, or green
Fun fact: Jasper gets it's red color from iron and it's green color from iron silicate. It can be a mix of colors too.

Red Jasper Crystal Tumble For Sale FactsLeopard Jasper Skin Tumble different color bumpy Crystal

Yellow Jasper Stone rock Crystal Gemstone Facts

Goldstone: blue, green with gold
Fun fact: Goldstone is made by melting silica (sand), copper oxide, borax, and other chemicals that reduce the copper to its elemental form. When the glass is liquid, the vat is sealed off and all air is cut off from it. This is a manmade process. It does not happen naturally.

Goldstone Crystal tumble facts properties


Carnelian Crystal Tumble Facts Properties


Cat Eye Catseye cateye shiny tumble crystal sale


Dumortierite Crystal Tumble sell sale facts properties


Fluorite Tumble Crystal Tumble Stone Sell Sale


Garden Quartz:

Garden Quartz Lodalite Shaman Stone Scenic Clear Tumble Crystal

Green Aventurine:

Green Aventurine Tumble Crystal Gemstone Facts

Gold Tiger Eye:

Gold Tiger Eye Tigers tigereye tigerseye stone crystal tumble


Healerite Serpentine Jade Crystal Tumble Gemstone


Hematite Metal Gemstone Crystal Magnet Facts


Malachite Crystal Gemstone Facts Picture stone Green Rock

Peach Aventurine:

Peach Aventurine Crystal Gemstone Tumble rock ID stone


Prehnite Tumble Crystal Stone Green rock with black

Red Tiger Eye:

Red Tiger Eye tigereye stone tumble crystal black shiny color change

Shiva Lingham:

Shiva Lingam Crystal Tumble Gemstone properties

Smokey Quartz:

Smokey Quartz dark black tumble gemstone crystal properties property

Star Garnet:

Garnet Tumble Burgundy Stone Rock Tumble Strawberry Quartz Burgundy red Aventurine tumble stone properties

Tree Agate:

Tree Agate Gemstone Crystal Green White Moss Tumble


Unakite green Pink stone tumble Crystal gem gemstone

Yellow Quartz:

Yellow Quartz Citrine Heat treaded Amethyst tumble stone golden

Moss Agate Tumble Rock Shop Crystal's meditation Chakra

blue aventurine gemstone crystal rock id

Botswana agate id gemstone tumble find
Black tourmaline with hematite tumbles id red

Kyanite: blue, black or green
Fun fact: The bladed structure of Kyanite make it anisotropic, meaning it has a different hardness depending on the angle. The vertical hardness of Kyanite ranges from 4.5 to 5.5, and horizontal hardness from 6 to 7.

Calcite: clear, white, yellow, brown, orange, pink, red, purple, blue, green, gray, black
Fun fact: Calcite is ubiquitous,
meaning it can form in sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic rocks! It can form anywhere calcium deposits are found.Yellow Calcite Raw Stone
Green Calcite Raw Stone
Lepidolite: purple, white and silver
Fun fact: Lepidolite is a mica extremely rich in Lithium, a mineral used to make medicines.

Apatite: blue
Fun fact: The bones and teeth of most animals, including humans, are composed of calcium phosphate, which is the same material as Apatite.Apatite Blue Stone Natural Raw 2020 Chakra

Silicon: silver on quartz
Fun fact: Silicon is number 14 on the periodic table. It is the second most abundant element on EarthSilicon Quartz Stone Element

Labradorite: dark green to black with color flashes
Fun fact: Labradorite refracts light in a way to make it look like it contains rainbows of color. This is called labradorescence.
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Moonstone: white and black with rainbows
Fun fact: Moonstone is the same mineral as Labradorite, just a  different color!
Moonstone Shiny Natural 2020 Tuscon

Zebra stone: black and white
Fun fact: Zebra-Stone is a sedimentary stone that formed over 600 million years ago. It was formed when detrital clay deposits compacted into layers, which gives it stripes.


Mookaite Brown Stone raw